Help me pick a shrink!
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Please recommend for me a psychiatrist in the Tampa Bay area, specializing in anxiety and relationships.

I have Aetna Insurance and would like to use it.

Bonus points if they have a holistic hippie type feel and/or implement hypnosis. (Just always been interested in this)

I have been to a "therapist" before and would like to be able to go the chemical route if that is what is prescribed.

I have looked through my the insurance website and am overwhelmed with the amount of practitioners returned. I have chosen before based on Google searches from that list and was disappointed.

I don't personally know anyone else who is crazy or I would ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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Try Dr. John Knight.
304 S. Belcher Rd. Suite C - Clearwater, FL

My wife & I saw him for about 6-8 months.... after spending a couple years at a different Dr.... & he did great for us.
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Thanks foody. If you don't mind elaborating can you tell me what you liked about him?
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