Metal in Medford
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Anyone have experience or advice booking gigs in Northern California and Southern Oregon?

For a metal band. Classic Heavy Metal- Priest, Accept, Manowar, Maiden. We get along fine with punks and house shows of the louder variety. Looking to fill up 2 dates on a Fall tour and we're getting frustrated with the middle of the west coast.

I'll keep hitting refresh and answer any questions, but I was just looking for some advice on good venues or bands to hit up. I keep emailing places that have shut down.
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Best answer: Sacramento metal bands usually book at The Boardwalk in Orangevale.
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Best answer: PyratePunx has several chapters in Oregon, but not much between the SF bay area and Oregon.
Off the top of my head:
Nor Cal- San Francisco, Oakland, Diablo Valley, NorBay (Santa Rosa), Sacramento, Chico
Oregon- Medford, Eugene, Salem, Portland
Google "PyratePunx" or "Pyrate Punx" and the city and you'll find websites or facebook pages for them. They tend to book mostly punk and grind, but they do branch out and if they cant do anything for you they could point you towards someone who can.
I will advise you to avoid Lucky Beltran who books throughout Oregon, he is notorious for burning bands and venues.
MeMail me and I can probably give you some emails for individuals not in PP if you have specific cities in mind.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I'll contact the boardwalk and them pyrate punx. Our singer already email them, but I'll try other cities too. This part of the coast is always the hardest to book.
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Seriously Klamath Falls, Oregon has quite the punky congregation. has booked some or they can point you in the right direction I think.
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