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Thinking of retiring in 10 years. Where?


*East Coast, USA
*mild climate (not HOT, little or no snow)
*CHEAP ($35,000/year for two people)
*not depressingly sad (West Virginia sounds interesting, but boy does it seem sad)
*we are of European descent
*lean very liberal, not libertarian
*prefer suburbs or rural

Any ideas?
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Asheville, NC.

But you might get more useful answers if you clarify your criteria. Your weather criteria are largely conflicting for the east coast (as opposed to the west coast), and it's unclear how your European heritage factors in.
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I have been consulting this the last few weeks.
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it's unclear how your European heritage factors in.

I assume this means that the OP and partner are white, and don't want to deal with the cultural shift of moving to an area where they are the minority population (although I have no idea what the margins of tolerance are here). I am guessing Jackson, MS would therefore be a poor match.
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CHEAP ($35,000/year for two people)

I wouldn't count on the cost of living or rate of inflation staying the same for ten years.

These days you might not be able to count on that with the climate either, or on changes in depressing sadness.
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I now live in a racially mixed area where whites are a minority. I have lived here for 25 years and my partner has lived here 40 years. We are fine with being a minority.
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does it have to be continental USA? what about Europe?
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"not HOT, little or no snow"

That's pretty challenging on the East Coast. Asheville is probably as good as you can do in this respect, but even they get 12" of snow on average. And it's still pretty warm.

Really you are describing the Pacific Northwest. Some small city in Oregon (Salem, Bend) would satisfy every other criterion, including budget.
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