Looking for scanner suggestions
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My Doxie Go scanner (and Eye-Fi card) got boosted, and I need to replace it. I was happy with my Doxie, but before buying another, I'd like to see what other options I have, and I'm looking for suggestions.

A few other things:

- I scan to Evernote on my Macbook Pro (10.8.1).
- While the wireless feature of my Doxie Go was nice, it is not essential. In fact, I only added the Eye-Fi card because I already had it.
- I have under $200 to spend.
- I am not too concerned with portability.
- I am willing to consider the original Doxie, since it is cheaper, but really, I'm open to anything.

Any suggestions for inexpensive document scanners would be appreciated.

Thanks, as always.
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Also, any input on the DSmobile 700D scanner by Brother would be great.
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