Should I go coocoo for Coocan?
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I have an opportunity to buy Coocan Korean cookware. Should I give them a go?

The time has come to replace many of the pans we use at our house. I'm trying to avoid the standard teflon-based nonstick, partially because, between the various people who live and clean here, there is literally no chance in hell that we can abide by their rather demanding care instructions (such as no metal tools, no nesting them together, and no dishwasher).

So I'm looking to replace them, and was about to buy some stainless steel cookware, when this Coocan stuff fell into my lap. Someone we know is selling it (as part of what I can only assume is some sort of multi-level marketing scam) but the pans themselves seem promising. They appear to be insanely non-stick, they are metal-tool compatible, and they weigh almost nothing.

Here's a YouTube video of them in action, in Korean.

Further, here's an eBay link which seems to suggest that they're PFOA-free.

They appear to be made using some sort of itty-bitty diamond coating, which I guess makes them closest to the Swiss Diamond stuff.

The thing is, I can't find reviews or user reports about them ANYWHERE. Well, in English anyway.

So, should I give these things a try, or not bother?
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Dunno anything about them, but if they're lightweight as you say, then they can't cook very well. Pans need mass and weight to retain even heat.
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According to this blog, these also go by the name of Kitchenart Diamond. Reviews for that are also hard to find, but there are a couple.
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