Who to hire to improve Curb Appeal
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We are thinking of painting/residing our house but are lacking in design sense! We think we want a BIG change, but do not know where to start in improving our curb appeal. We would like to hire someone to help with the house design but do not know where to start. Can you point me in the right general direction on the type of person to hire for this sort of thing? General info is welcome, we live near Pittsburgh,PA if you know specifics.
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If you post a picture of the front of the house, you might get some help from people here.
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I'd bet a local real estate agent would know people who do this kind of thing. Or maybe ask at the contractors' desk at a Lowe's/Menard's/Home Depot?
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try a landscape designer. some interior designers may also do exterior designs.
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Check out Design Consults (formerly RenPlan) at the Design Center, if you live within a 20-mile radius of the city. This program was developed for situations just like yours.
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