Selecting from Cursor to End of Line in Word 2010
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In Word 2010, when I hit Shift-End, it selects the whole line I'm on. I thought it was supposed to select from the cursor's present location to the end of the line, not the whole line itself. Anyway for me to get the desired behavior?
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Are you perhaps doing your work in the Outline view? Text selection is wonky there; in Print Layout mode, it should work as intended. (View is a menu in the ribbon, typically on the far right-hand side of the selectable options. Outline and Print Layout are modes you can toggle between once in the View menu.)
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In Word 2007 Ctrl, Shift, Down seems to do what you want. Possibly the same in 2010?
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I ctrl-shift-end in Word 2010 to get the same effect and it seems to work fine.
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Your desired behavior is how it works for me, and I believe that is the default behavior.

Keyboard shortcuts are saved in the Normal.dotm template. It's possible yours got corrupted or changed somehow. Close Word (and any other Office products you might have open). Then delete normal.dotm (located here: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\, just paste that into the search box after clicking Start). Delete your normal.dotm, and then reopen Word. It should be recreated with all the default behaviors/settings. (CAUTION! This will also delete any desired changes you may have made to default styles and whatnot. I suggest saving a copy as a backup.)

Ctrl+shift+end is supposed to select everything from the cursor to the end of the document, not just the current line.

Ctrl+shift+down selects to the end of the current paragraph (the next location of the paragraph mark) which may or may not be at the end of the current line.

Also, before you nuke the default template, is it possible you've installed some utility app that is intercepting your keyboard shortcuts? E.g. I installed something (and can't remember what it is, to my embarrassment) that arranges all my open windows for me when I hit a certain set of keystrokes. It doesn't hapopen often enough for me to track down what I did, but maybe you installed something like that?
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This wouldn't have anything to do with having Extend Mode on, would it? Try pressing F8, then ESC.
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Response by poster: I now realize it may possibly be Word behavior that's specific to text inside a hyperlink.

Would you guys mind trying something? Try Insert Hyperlink, give the Hyperlink some multi-word text, and then try Shift-Ending inside the hyperlink. Does it select the whole thing, including the beginning of the hyperlink?
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Hmm. Shift+End inside a multi-word hyperlink selects the text from the beginning of the hyperlink to the end of the line containing the link, regardless of the cursor's initial location at the beginning or in the middle of link.
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Response by poster: Thank you, SuperSquirrel. Good to know it's not me.
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