New or refurbished iPad "3"?
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Is it better to buy a new or refurbished ipad "3"? Apple is selling a refurbished current generation iPad 16GB Wireless for $50 off the retail price. Comes with 1-yr warranty too. My husband thinks it's not a good enough deal and that I should go for a new one. I'm tempted to save the $50. What would you recommend?
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My refurb iPhone 4 has happily survived about two years with me and arrived looking indistinguishable from new. YMMV, but it's a risk I'd take again.
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Every refurb gets a new battery and a new casing, which includes a new screen. That's pretty much covers 99% of the problems you're likely to ever have with an iPad, unless you get it wet. I'd say it's worth it.
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I've had good experiences with Apple refurbs (iPhone 4 and MacBook Air). $50 would buy a lot of apps. But if $50 isn't a lot of dough to your family, going brand new wouldn't be the end of the world. Do whatever causes the least amount of marital strife :)
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We've bought a couple of Apple refurbs (an iPad and an iPod Touch), I wouldn't have known they weren't brand new. I've had my iPad nearly a year and it's fabulous, no problems. The touch is newer, but I expect it will be the same. I would buy the refurb and a $50 itunes card.
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I'd go for the refurb because it's been totally checked over by a tech. A new one fresh off the assembly line won't have had as much personal attention.
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I've had my refurb Touch for just over two years now. The home button has become intermittent, which is a pain but there's a workaround, and other than that it works just fine. I think the home button is a problem no matter how new the device, too - I've heard people who have had new ones flake out on them.
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I only ever buy refurbs for myself and family. No disappointments.
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Most refurbs have probably actually never been used, or at most barely been used, and they have a full warranty, so I see nothing at all wrong with refurb.
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On the other hand, 50/500 is only a 10% discount. If you buy a higher end ipad its less. Not worth it IMHO
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You get the same warranty for a refurb iPad than you do if it is brand-new. A refurb is also eligible for AppleCare. So if you decide within that first year to get the extra two year warranty, you can do so.

I say get the refurb, take the savings where you can. I've had Apple refurb products before and have never regretted it.
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I have a refurb iPad 1 which I bought months after it came out. It's still going strong. Apple refurbs are excellent.
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Buying refurbed Apple products is indistinguishable from buying new. It's one of the best no-brainier type deals you can do.

To me, anytime I save money without giving up anything that's a good deal. Do you guys have a savings account? How many months or years does it take for you to accrue $50 in interest?
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I've owned nothing but Apple refurbs since 2004, with the exception of a retail-purchase iPod Shuffle (which is okay, since the Shuffle never ever appears in the refurbs section), and I love 'em. I'm writing right now from a 2007-era Mac Mini refurb that's been trouble-free, and have 2 iPod Touches, an iPad 1, and an ancient G4 iBook that's still working great, albeit in a very limited capacity. The refurbs get a reconstruction and testing that actually makes them better inspected than the new stuff, and the same warrantees apply. My only clinker so far was the G3 iBook I bought in 2003 new from an actual Apple Store, which had the motherboard failure gremlin that was their bugaboo (though Apple replaced it under warrantee when the issue happened in the last month of my Applecare).

Mainly, you need to watch the Store refurb section for a while, as the availability of refurbs varies, and deals do, too. I find Tuesday mornings a good time for good deals.
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I've not bought iOS refurbs, but I have happily bought Macs from the refurb shop; if anything, it's a better deal for an iPad, because the annual updates make it clear what you're paying for, and you don't have to check the specs to see whether you're buying the very last refresh or the one before.
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I bought an iPod Touch refurb and it developed a screen problem that I didn't notice until App,eCare had expired. Now I can't not notice it. Refurb is a good idea only if you're very careful about checking those things.
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I bought an ipad 2 refurb and it arrived fresh from the factory in China looking and acting for all the world like a brand new ipad. A salesperson from the local apple store highly recommended the refurbs confirmed what skewed posted upthread. I got a great deal though --$319-- so for me it was a no-brainer. The money that I saved covered apple care, a smart case and a keyboard. Still $50 is $50. It will cover 1/2 of the apple care or a smart cover, a ton of apps, etc.
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I asked an Apple salesman about the refurbs and what it is that they deem as a refurb and what they do before they resell them. He told me that the refurbished items could be anything from a small glitch issue to a person who purchased and returned an item that has not even been taken out of the packaging.

The refurbs go through ten checks of every point that a new item does and he says that is nine more times than the new items.

His suggestion: buy a refurb if it is the model that you want with the specs you want but only from an Apple store. It still gets the same warranty as a brand new item so you really don't have anything to lose.
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If you don't have an immediate need for an iPad 3 (or if you haven any interest at all in a possible cheaper, smaller iPad), you might want to wait until October.
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