What should we see on the next six days of our cross-US drive?
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We are currently on the move to Kingston, ON from Vancouver BC, and we are looking at finding interesting things to do along our cross-US trip. Here is a map of the next six days of driving. What absolute must-sees are there along this path?

We intend to (roughly) stay in Salt Lake City, Fort Collins, Lincoln, Joliet, London (Ontario), and then Kingston, although the last part of the trip is flexible. This gives us roughly 7 hour driving days, which should leave us time to stop along the way.

We're looking for things that are pretty close to this path that would be worth stopping at. Not the West Edmonton Mall type stops, but the actual bits of local interest, that aren't obvious as you zip along on the interstate highways. Nice vistas, interesting stores, ghost towns, good food, anything that you feel that really shouldn't be missed along such a trip.
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You could stop and have lunch at Ole's Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge in Paxton Nebraska.

It's pretty surreal, and the Rocky Mountain Oysters aren't bad.
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If you scoot a little south to Boulder Colarado I highly, highly, recommend Banjo Billy's bus tour in Boulder. Really fun.
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Honestly, that trip route looks like a bit of a slog. I'd seriously consider revising the route to drop just a bit south to Denver, then across to Kansas City-St. Louis-Louisville and on from there. According to Google, that route only adds 4 hours to the trip, so spread across six days, that's 45 extra minutes a day. There are a lot more options along that route. The Nebraska-Iowa leg of your current route just seems dreadful to me. My suggested alternate does require a trek across godawful western Kansas, but there's much difference between that and western Nebraska.

The adjusted route would also allow a revision to the last third of the trip: a drive through western Pennsylvania and New York instead of a tour of the worst bits of Michigan.

Just a thought. Good luck and good travels whatever you do!
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Bah. Should have said there's not much difference between western Kansas and western Nebraska.
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If you're planning on staying in Fort Collins, maybe consider staying in Estes Park instead?
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Two things: 1) Rocky Mountain National Park, which fits with the suggestion of Estes Park above, and 2) Western Kansas (the flint hills region) actually has, you know, a landscape. Eastern Kansas is... Actually, I have no idea. It made no impression on me whatsoever.
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I can't help with the specifics of your question but maybe this app can?
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Joliet is pretty darned uninteresting. I'd suggest staying at the downtown casino if you are just in a car- you can walk around downtown. If you have a big truck, probably stay at the casino outside of town. If you stay anywhere else, you will have nothing to do.

Consider adding an hour or two to the drive and going up interstate 55 and then down Lake Shore drive to see Chicago. If you haven't seen it.
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Perhaps I should have mentioned that we are in a large moving van, so driving in cities is mostly out of the question. Sadly, that means that Chicago is out...
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I live in Ogden, Utah and you'll be passing right through! Stop here! We're seriously awesome. If you let me know when you'll be here I can tell you exactly what's going on that day. Don't judge the town by what you can see from the freeway! Take the 24th Street exit and drive into town, when you go over the very large rail road bridge turn right and visit Historic 25th Street.

We have some seriously awesome outdoorsy stuff, good restaurants, and nice people. It's a nice place to get out and stretch your legs.
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We would be arriving around dinner in Ogden, so what might you suggest?
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What kind of food would you be interested in? You probably don't want to worry about getting dressed up, so I'd recommend something casual.

Jeremiah's is right off the freeway, so you can get on your way quickly. If you want to be a little more adventurous you can follow my directions to 25th Street and hit Tona Sushi, Karen's Cafe, Roosters Brewing Company, or really any of the other restaurants on that street.
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