I don't want to bend over to put on my exercising shoes!
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I want a women's slip-on walking shoe with enough support to walk several miles in without making my feet hurt. Suggestions for brands or styles needed.

I find that sneakers with good heel support are the only shoes I can walk long distances in without my feet and legs hurting. Unfortunately, my current sneakers rubbed the backs of my ankles raw on a long walk recently, and I also am picky and/or lazy and really hate shoes that you have to buckle or lace or do anything besides shove your foot in.

So, I am looking for slip-on sneakers, like these Skechers, I tried this pair on in a store and didn't quite like the fit. I feel like this style of shoe was pretty popular a few years ago, but at the mall yesterday those Skechers were the only pair I found.

I'm OK with slip-ons that aren't sneakers as long as they give the same heel support. Ideally, I am looking for a thick, shock-absorbing outer heel as well as a soft, squishy inner heel lining for support.

Bonus points if it is semi-cute and $80 or less. I would prefer going to a shoe store rather than online shopping like Zappos (again, I am picky and lazy and don't want to bother returning stuff that doesn't fit)

Thanks for any and all suggestions, ladies who walk a lot!
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Croc sandals. Seriously, with a bit of a heel.
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Wow, discontinued already? But I found them at Shoe Carnival. http://m.crocs.com/crocs-patricia-wedge-sandal/11859,default,pd.html?cid=23D&cgid=women-footwear-heelsWedges
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I don't think you need that giant outer heel if you get a shoe that has more support in general, and is better constructed. Have you looked at Clarks? I have several pairs of their flats and they're great slip-on walking shoes.
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Skechers GoWalk?
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I'm all about slip-on shoes as well. I've had good luck with Easy Spirit and Merrell. Both have a variety of slip-ons. And I've bought them at places like Nordstrom Rack and DSW for really good prices.
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I love these!
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I second the Merrell recommendation. I've walked with them for miles on concrete and light hiking trails, and I find them to be both very supportive and reasonably cute. These are the ones I've been wearing this summer, and you can also find plenty of slip-ons. I got mine at a Merrell outlet for under $60, but you can also buy them just out-of-season or at a discount retailer (ie, Nordstrom Rack).
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Thirding the Merrells. A friend gave me my first pair 7 years ago and now I keep reordering them online every time I wear another pair out, which I do because I basically live in them.
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Fourthing Merrells.
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Clarks are incredible - though I don't know if they have sneakers - I walk every day in them including late night 2+ mile walkabouts. Keens are really comfortable too - if you find a style that works, they may be a great option.
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I love walking in these Tevas You can often find them on sale at Famous Footwear.
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Taos and Clarks are both great for having comfy slip-on shoes that you can walk in for a long time without pain. I wouldn't say that they're "sneakers" but they are "walking shoes".
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I have a pair of black Rieker shoes (not quite slip-on--they zip up the sides) that I must have walked hundreds of miles in over the past eight years. They are really the best walking shoe I've ever had, with a heavy, sturdy 1.5" heel. In past trips involving lots of wandering on sidewalks and marble floors I would start to experience agonizing foot pain about two-thirds of the way through the trip and start having to sit down frequently while Dr. TM wandered about on his own, but I recently spent three weeks walking all over Paris, Munich, Zurich, and Salzburg in them and never once had any foot pain.

Not surprisingly, they don't sell my particular model anymore, but this looks somewhat similar. If it's odd looking, it actually looks really great with dress pants and even looks good with skirts. Mine are very comfortable shoes and extremely durable--they've held up well and while they're scuffed the soles seem indestructible and the shoes are very well made. I highly recommend the company.
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I'm actually a big fan of slip-on Vans.
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Clarks Privo shoes are amazingly comfortable and they have cute options - I have several pairs. In general they're a bit above your price range, but mine have lasted for years and still look great, so the price is worth it for the quality.
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Buy any lace up sneakers and put a pair of elastic quick laces in them. You can either leave them slightly looser but still snug and slip them on and off (this is what I do) or use the slider to quickly and easily tighten them (this is what my grandmother with really picky feet does). Quick laces run about 10$ at my local running store or you can buy them online.
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Seconding the elastic laces. I reluctantly bought a pair of Merrell cross-training trail shoes that come with elastic laces and that slider thing. Being able to take them on and off easily is the bomb, and they tighten enough to keep my foot in/provide support.
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Oh, you mention stores: I'm fond of Footwear Etc and The Walking Company, if you have either of those near you.
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The PF in PF Flyers stands for posture foundation. Unlike Converse, who now make shoes with only slightly more integrity than the buckled slippers you can buy for $2 in Chinatown, they still actually use the same cushioning/insole technology that they did when they were a major basketball shoe brand back in the old days when basketball players were skinny white dudes in embarrassingly tiny shorts. I love PF Flyer Lo Pros so much they are literally the only shoe I wear to ride my bike anymore (unlike all my other sneakers, which have a flimsy rubber sole with a piece of greasy fabric glued to it for an insole, the sole is structured/thick enough to not bend around my pedal and the insole keeps my feet happy). I have three pairs and want more.

PF Flyer Lo Pros come in a slip on version for $36. They come in a huge range of unisex sizing.
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Some Clarks Wave shoes come in slip-on styles (though I prefer a Mary Jane style). They have the thick, shock-absorbing heel you described. I can comfortably walk a long, long way in them.

There are brick-and-mortar Clarks stores; check the store finder at Clarksusa.com. They are also sold at stores like The Walking Company. The Clarks website shows a lot of different styles for the Wave line.
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