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I am looking for a very specific type of item: a shirt dress (or shirtwaist dress, even) in navy blue, preferably with long sleeves (though negotiable here) in a U.S. women's 16 or 18. Have you seen such a thing? Help. I'd like to spend under $200.
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Is denim OK? If so, there's this one in indigo, on sale for $106.
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Check The Gap! I can't find it online but a month or two ago, they had one for $60. This is the dress, but it comes in dark blue in the store. The XL should be a 16 or close to it.
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Eliza Parker has the Vineyard dress in navy for $148. I can barely see the details on that dress on my computer, so it might help to look at the same dress in a lighter color.

I ordered a dress from her a few years ago, and it is very nicely made.
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Wow, this is tougher than I thought it would be. How about this short-sleeved at Avenue. (Although I like this one in Royal Blue better)
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Sleveless, in eyelet.

3/4 sleeve
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I'm finding some near-misses. In general the LL Bean/Land's End type places are having a lot of shirtdresses these days. They both seem to have chambray (denim look) and black, but not much navy.

Land's End sleeveless shirtdress in navy, on sale in 16.

LL Bean Signature has two longsleeved in black or black-pattern: Here's a L.L. Bean long-sleeved shirtdress with white dot pattern, available in 16 and 18. Also a L.L.Bean long-sleeved belted shirtdress, available in 16

Land's End has a "bib" shirtdress, 3/4 sleeve, in chambray, in 16 and 18.
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Also Modcloth has a few, which are all retro-ish, short sleeved, and on the short side. (If these appeal, they have a few more that are in this vein, search for size 16 and "shirtdress"):
Made in the Shade dress
About the artist dress
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Shopstyle has a few choices.
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Is "Indigo Blue" dark enough? This one from Talbots hits most of your criteria -- available in 16/18, long sleeves (that roll & button up to elbow length), just not quite navy.
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These Two from Anne Klein are also close, but are only up to 16 (the fit guide says XL corresponds to 16).
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Decent Exposures will make one to measure in a range of lengths and styles and in Navy blue for $50-75.

(Ignore the picture of the yelling woman in the velour dress. I have no idea either. )
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Boden has one in Ink, but it's on clearance.
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I own the Land's End version of this. It's one of my favorite dresses - a great fabric with some give, the color seems fadeless after a year. I'm an 18. Check it out!
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I should add, I have several Decent Exposures shirt dresses, and all are flattering, fit well and are super durable and well made. Their catalog is full of super-frumpy pictures, and I would be careful when choosing their bras (which don't seem to be made to fit like regular bras), but every item of clothing I've ever gotten from them is fab and their customer service is really good.
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These are all excellent suggestions. Probably not denim, no. (This is for a job interview.)
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Try J.C. Penney. (Sorry no link, I am on my phone).
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The land's end sleeveless shirt dress would totally work with a nice cardigan to cover the shoulders. I thought brooks brothers would have something but they just have this patterned one.
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