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Spending tomorrow in Amsterdam with my family. Ideas?

We're four adults, ages in between 20 and 49. I've been living in the Netherlands for almost two years but have never visited Amsterdam before nor do I know what to expect. There's one Dutch citizen (born here) with us but he has never visited the city, either. What should we not miss? So far all we've planned is possibly taking a look at the Van Gogh museum... and well, things aren't very defined, thus far.

Help! Less than twelve hours until we leave.
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I love just walking around. Amsterdam has an amazing vibe, culturally and architecturally. It's a total treat to stroll around and soak it up. You'll find something interesting along the way.
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The Anne Frank Museum is really an incredible thing to visit.
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Seconding the Anne Frank house, maybe not something that screams "fun" but it's an incredibly well put together museum that does the subject justice.
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And yeah, have dinner on a houseboat.
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Seconding just walking around, if the weather's good, stopping wherever takes your fancy. Keep an eye out for the art: for instance, there is a lawn covered in iguanas on the Leidseplein, and as per this recent post on the Blue, there is an assortment of bronzes by a mystery sculptor scattered about town.

When it comes to museums, I rather like the Amsterdam Museum; what I remember most about it is that it shows you a painting from, say, the 16th century, and in the same room is one of the objects from that painting. I thought that was really cool.
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Canal tour. (Also goes past Anne Frank's house)
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You can occupy your entire day going to the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, and the Van Gogh Museum.
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Nthing those who mentioned the Anne Frank House, although you may want to buy tickets online ahead of time to bypass lines. The Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are also well worth the time.

Not sure how active you guys want to be, but I would suggest renting a bike and riding around for a while. The cycling infrastructure is great in Amsterdam. You can also take guided tours on bikes. I did Yellow Bike and really enjoyed it.
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Do you like cats? De Poezenboot!
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It's the Uitmarkt this weekend. If you're already heading to the Van Gogh Museum you'll be able to get heaps of info on Museumplein and figure out which acts, stalls and stands will be of interest to you. Enjoy!
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Unfortunately you can occupy your entire day waiting in line at the Anne Frank House...

In addition to the normal choices already mentioned (Amsterdam Museum, Rijksmuseum, and van Gogh), there is the modern art Stedelijk museum and Het Scheep Vaart Museum with lots of neat exhibits on ships and navigation through the ages.

If you plan on doing lots of museum hopping, be sure to price out the Museum Jaar Kart or the Amsterdam Pass.

Renting bikes is how we like to get around Amsterdam. Bike City has decent single and three speed omafietsen for rent. You don't need many gears.
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Sadly, I think the Stedelijk's still under renovation, and will be closed for another month yet.
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The flower market is nice (and can be part of a casual walking tour - just mark it on your map and go to it on the way to something else). Also make sure you walk through Dam square, you'll see some buskers (statues or the like) there, the architecture is lovely.

I assume you already have accommadations, but Hotel De Filosoof is pretty unique (philospoher themed hotel).

Finally, a simple canal tour can be a great way to see the city.
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