So, two priests are sitting in a tree...
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I am looking for the name of a painting, may have been in a version of The Art Book. Google has failed me for years.

I remember seeing the painting in one of my brother's art school textbooks, or possibly one of his versions of The Art Book, years ago.

I have no idea who the artist was, what time period it was painted in, or anything about the painting at all except for a vague description:

It is a painting of a bush or possibly a tree in which members of the Catholic clergy are sitting. There are bishops and priests, possibly the Pope. I would describe the style as "cute" (an artiste I am not).

Does anyone have any idea what this painting is?! Thanks.
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Did it look like a "modern" work? Can you give any more details that you remember?
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Can you describe the style? It might be a depiction of the Jesse Tree.

Was it something like this?
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OK, so, it was definitely in the style of Fernando Botero. So similar, in fact, that I was surprised I didn't find it when going through 18 pages of Botero prints. His depictions of Catholic clergy are practically identical to the ones in the painting I remember. Thinking back now, it may have been a portrait like the ones I linked to, but with a tree in the background with little people in it.

Am I thinking of a Botero painting that I just can't find on Google? Someone who painted similar themes in the same style?
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Charles Bragg? He does satirize religious, especially Catholic, figures. Quickly flipping through a book I have, I found one image of a ship of fools in a tree, although there are military leaders there, not popes. His and Botero's approaches could both be considered "cute".
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Found it: Nuestra Señora De Cajicá.

Thanks for the ideas, though!
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