How do you keep your place in an audiobook on an Android device?
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How do you keep your place in an audiobook on an Android device?

I've got an audiobook as about 100 mp3 files. I want to be able for it to reliably pick up where I left off, even if I want to stop for awhile and listen to some music. As it stands now, I have to memorize the track # and time every time I take a break.

I've tried making a virtual folder in Dogcatcher, which reliably stores the time per track, but I can't seem to get the play order right.

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For reasons unknown, dogcatcher is now working using this process. I'd still be interested to know how other people deal with audio books.
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I use Akimbo.
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Mort Player Audio Book works really well, and can be configured in all sorts of useful ways (sort order, skip-to-time, bookmarks etc.)
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Smart AudioBook Player is amazing. Keeps track of progress in each book. It also has a history of all your pauses and restarts and what not so if you accidentally lose your spot you can go back and find it. There is also a handy shortcut to your current spot in the notification tray.
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+1 for Smart Audiobook Player. It also has a bookmark function. I don't trust on these players keeping my place so I bookmark every time.
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This previous ask.metafilter question provides some recommendations you might find interesting. I was the OP and I've been using Mort Player since then and it's got a lot going for it - including the ability to bookmark where you are.
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Audible has an Android app. I use the iPhone version, and it's never lost place. It also has bookmarks. It plays non-Audible books, but if you ever do buy any Audible books I find it works really seamlessly with the website. It's actually much faster and easier to buy a book and download a book on my phone that it is to buy it on a computer then sync my phone.
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I use Mort Player and Audible.

The absolute worst thing about Android (in fact the only thing I hate) is that there isn't one app for all aspects of audio (mp3, audiobooks, podcasts). I know of at least one other person with the same complaint.
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