Remove header image on image post pages in Wordpress
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Wordpress: help me get rid of the header image on image post pages.

I'm in the process of learning to edit Wordpress themes and I'm stuck on a particular problem: how get rid of the header image on image post pages.

Currently, when a thumbnail for an image is clicked you are then brought to a page with the image at full size. But, because of the large header image, you have to scroll down a bit to see it - clunky. I want to remove the header image on those pages (and only those pages).

The URL for the website I am working on is in the About section of my profile if you want to take a peek. I'm using a child theme based on TwentyEleven.

I did already post this question to the Wordpress forums a bit ago and have not yet heard back.
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In header.php find:
$header_image = get_header_image();
if ( $header_image ) :

and replace it with:

$header_image = get_header_image();
if ( $header_image && !is_attachment()) :

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I believe you want to create a attachment.php that's a copy of your index.php.

Inside this attachment.php file, remove whatever code your header is in.

If you still need *parts* of the header on that page, then you may need to do as Memo suggests, and surround your header call with:
<?php if (!is_attachment): ?>
...header img tag, etc...
<?php endif; ?>
This obviously depends on how the theme was built.

Also, WordPress Forums are less good than the WordPress StackExchange.
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thank you both! i used Memo's method and it is working peachy.
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