Any android based game suggestions for a 30 minute workout?
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I'm looking for new games to play on my Android phone while I'm doing cardio. Do you have any suggestions?

I've found that playing a game is very helpful to keep my mind busy while I'm on the stairmaster/eliptical machine. Games that work well are generally playable within 30 minutes and are turn based or slow enough that I don't have to concentrate on them.

Here's the one's I've been playing so far:
Great Little War Game
Call of Chthulhu

Do you have any recommendations for games that are similar or that you have used to distract you for 30-40 minutes at a time?
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Game Dev Story
If you like management games, this is terribly addictive. It's a lot of making decisions and then watching the results happen, then make more decisions. It's got some depth while being very simple to pick up. Kairosoft, the developers, have also translated a handful of their other management games which all have different themes and mechanics. Game Dev Story is the best of the lot though.
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I like turn-based war games with a variety of units and interesting maps and resources. There really are not a lot of good ones that I have found. Two favorites are Uniwar and the Highborn series.
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Going off the premise that if you can play Fieldrunners while exercising then you're a lot better at this than I am...

I also liked Highborn (although the dialog is really corny). Majesty is a sim, but I think it's slow paced enough that you could do it while exercising. Jelly Defense and GRave Defense are good, classic tower defense. Maybe Plants vs Zombies if you haven't played it on another platform already. Greedy Spiders is a simple turn based puzzle game, but requires a lot of thinking in between every turn.

At the risk of stating the obvious, can you do Angry Birds? The precision might be a little tricky, but of course you can take as much time as you need. The new Space levels can be very time consuming. Maybe some other classic casual games... Peggle you can take your time with, Bejeweled and Treasures of Montezuma are on a timer but I can see them working as long as you're not sprinting.
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Response by poster: Granted... I'm not working out very hard. This is mostly low-medium level stair climber / eliptical. The reason I don't play more casual games like angry birds, cut the rope, etc... is that I get bored. When I get around to playing them when I'm waiting around doing nothing I, only play them for about 15 minutes at a time.
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Came to also suggest Kairosoft games. Good for the amount of time you're looking at. Game Dev Story is great, and I've been playing Cafeteria Nipponica (their restaurant sim) incessantly for a couple of weeks. Once you get some initial set-up going for a game (there's a lot of instruction/prompting to get you started, so maybe do during a warm-up walk or pre-gym visit) most of them get to be a little more hands-off (making a decision every now and then, buying upgrades/etc. based on the fiction, and the like... but not as active as something like Angry Birds) but are strangely fun to watch - lots of people walking around, things happening, little icons popping up to indicate progress that are strangely entrancing...

They have lite versions of all their games (or at least most of them...) in which you can play about the first 10 or so minutes for free.
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Response by poster: I installed and started playing game dev story this weekend. I'm not usually into those types of games because they don't seem like they would be fun. However, after I started playing all of a sudden it was like 30 minutes later and I didn't realize that I had been playing that long. This is truly the time zapper that I was looking for. Thanks.
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