Cloning Apples
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Part of a project I'm working on involves getting around 20 iPad 2s to all be the same. I'm not an Apple person at all, and this is the first time I've seriously used either the iDevice ecosystem or iTunes in any real capacity. Is there a way to make this as painless as possible?

We're using our department's Apple store login to do this. The main computer being used will be my own Win7 laptop, although if some piece of Mac only software would make it easier then I'd also have access to Macs in our lab.

There's not much that's required, but I do need a certain free application on all of the devices, and I need them all to be up to date. Bonuses would be:

-Getting rid of all of the current media on the devices without having to wipe them by hand

-We have a pay app that we're considering using for the project - would it be possible to get this on all of our devices, or is there a limit set on how devices can share a single app per account?

-It'd be nice to make sure everything has the same settings, including background image, but this is sort of secondary.
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If you have a Mac with Lion, the free download Apple Configurator looks like it will do what you ask.
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This previous question might help as well.
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