Seeking nice dinner for two in Hoboken
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What are some tasty places to eat dinner in Hoboken?

I'm looking for a nice place to have dinner in Hoboken on a Friday or Saturday night soon. Let's say a restaurant that costs under $20/entree, and that isn't likely to have an extremely long wait for a table. Doesn't have to be a table service kind of place; holes in the wall are fine too. Bonus points for being at least moderately near the PATH. I'm not too picky about cuisine, though I don't eat beef, so a steakhouse is probably a bad idea, and I am (to my boyfriend's regret) not partial to Indian food. Thanks, Mefites!
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Zafra is an old staple -- Cuban/Latin American.
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Tutta Pasta isn't bad. Close to PATH, too.
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My old boss swore by Elysian Fields. Good fries, American food.

I've also had a good meal (and cocktails!) at Teak, just across from the PATH.

Finally, how do you feel about Cajun? Oddfellows is also very close to the PATH.

(Sorry for the lack of links, on my phone.)
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La Isla is a hole-in-the-wall Cuban place on Washington Street. Best Cuban sandwich this side of Havana.
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I came here to recommend Zafra and La Isla. I have family in Hoboken, and those are two favourites when I visit.
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Thanks, everyone! Those all sound great. Unfortunately we wound up eating reeeally late and the only place that was open was a little taco place (the Taco Truck) which was actually quite good. I look forward to trying your suggestions out in the future!
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