Streaming for DJs?
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Is there a Streaming track service specifically for DJs?

I have been an hobbyist DJ for about 6 years now. I use M-Audio's Torq system, and I have really enjoyed it. Being able to DJ with MP3s has really revolutionized the popularity and ease of mobile DJing (and saved a few DJs backs as well... CDs and Vinyl are heavy!)

I was just wondering, is there a service that is taking the next logical step? Does a streaming music service for use by DJs in the booth exist? Essentially what I am thinking of is a Spotify-like interface, but with the ability to mix those streamed songs using a tools of their choice. I know that beatport allows downloads on the fly, but I was thinking more of a subscription service.

If this doesn't exist, is someone working on it? It seems like a good (yet possibly very expensive) service that DJs would use.

In addition to answers, any additions or thoughts are more than welcome.
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Streaming music for casual listening is fine, because (re)buffering audio is only annoying to a single listener. As a DJ, you want constant music, and the sound drops when you don't mean to, or you have a lag between songs, you'll kill the mood on the dance floor. You'd need a reliable connection locally, and a reliable source.

On the other hand, I used to be a college DJ, and since the station upgraded to include an internet-connected computer in the on-air studio, more and more DJs have turned to playing songs off of YouTube or Hypem, which made me cringe, until I realized there a lot of better-quality sources for streaming.

In terms of high quality streaming audio, Qobuz is well-regarded. But I don't think any DJ software incorporates streaming sources. I think they all work with local libraries.

And as far as I know, is allows you to set up playlists, not actually mix songs. It's more of a radio DJ set-up than beatmatching and whatnot.
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