Book with man depriving senile mother of water?
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There's a book (possibly a movie or tv show) with a scene in it of an evil man slowly depriving his senile mother of water and keeping her in a very hot room in a bed with the covers on until she dies after several days. There is one moment when she regains lucidity and almost calls the police, but he stops her. What am I remembering?
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Best answer: I just finished Joe Hill's Horns and Lee, one of the main characters, did this.
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Response by poster: Ding ding ding! Correct! Thank you!
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I never get these questions right! Yay! Glad to help.
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Huh. I'm assuming you know that Joe Hill is Stephen King's son (I admire him for not wanting to cash in on the name outright, I admit). Looks like he's been pretty well influenced by his dad on this one, though. Combination of Misery and a few of King's short stories, most prominently "The Woman in the Room." The death of a senile elderly woman recurs in multiple stories; I believe it was based on King's actual experience with his grandmother's final years.)
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