We're on the road to Cornwall
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What should I visit on the way from London to Cornwall?

We're flying in to Heathrow, arriving this coming Saturday morning, and we need to be in St. Ives, in Cornwall, on Sunday evening to start a walking tour on Monday morning. We'll have a rental car, but we'd like to drive not more than a couple of hours on Saturday before spending the night. We'll also be heading back from Penzance to London on Thursday, making the trip all in one day. Any suggestions on where to spend Saturday night and any thing to see on the way to or from Cornwall would be greatly appreciated.
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Glastonbury. Commercialised, but still a hippy haven.
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I forgot to mention. Extra credit for any especially good fish and chips places en route.
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Stonehenge is literally on the route (M3, A303, A30, M5, A30 is the quickest route with the nicest scenery .. taking the M4 to Bristol is a bad idea).

Othr than that, Bodmin Moor, Exmoor, Dartmoor (all in Cornwall/Devon).. Salisbury (just off the route down - has a massive cathedral, very olde Englande) .. lots of clotted cream, biscuits, and candy type places once you get past Yeovil.

If you really have time, take the A39 down the north coast of Devon and Cornwall, gorgeous area. If you decide to go round the south way instead, Torquay is worth a look if you have a couple of days to actually stay there, as is the steam train from Torquay to.. Paignton, I seem to recall(?).

Anyway, Devon and Cornwall are ridiculously littered with tourist attractions, so you won't be short of anything. Just make sure you get at least 100 miles out of the London hellhole as fast as possible.
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The Eden Project. Stunning! (Though you really need a whole day to get the most from it.)
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Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral--must sees and beautifully understated and managed--It is quite an experience as you motor from London west and all of a sudden there is Stonehenge by the side of the road--Salisbury Cathedral is a testament to architecture, engineering, social organization and vision--that this could be built it 30+ years in the 1200s is amazing--enjoy your trip--
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Mousehole, Stonehenge, the Salisbury Cathedral, and (if you can get around that way), Tintagel castle.
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Bath isn't very far out of your way.
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I think Wells cathedral is the prettiest in England, quite close to Bath which is also well worth the visit (like normy said).
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