Theatre subscription ideas?
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Any recommendations for a NYC theatre subscription?

I'm interested in subscribing to a season of New York theatre. I don't go to the theatre very often, but I generally enjoy the experience when I do, and having a pre-set series of shows in hand would help me start going to more shows. I prefer modern works over classics. I'm not interested in musicals. I tend to prefer shows that are sharply-written, provocative, and tightly-constructed over material that is looser and more abstract. That said, I would like a subscription that offers a diverse range of offerings. Quality of writing and acting is more important than cost. Any suggestions?
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The Cherry Lane Theatre is a small historic theatre in the West Village. They have a history of presenting the first productions of many important American plays, and their "memberships" give you a certain number of tickets -- not quite a subscription, but close.
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I wholeheartedly recommend New York Theatre Workshop, of which I am a long-time member/patron. They do incredibly creative, interesting, qualigy work, in a beautiful theatre in the East Village. RENT, Homebody/Kabul and Dirty Blonde all started there. They do some musicals, but more non-musical plays.

They also treat subscribers particularly well. Among other things, you get to pick your date for each show, and there is a hotline if you can't make it after all on the day of the show. And the membership prices are excellent.
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The Public Theatre always has interesting stuff.

It's not part of a subscription, but Orson's Shadow sounds right up your alley. It's an excellent, very well-done new play.

The fact that my girlfriend plays Joan Plowright has nothing...I say nothing... to do with that recommendation.
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Pretty good bet is always Manhattan Theatre Club. Overall, I'd say its offerings fit your criteria.
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This is great -- many thanks for all the suggestions!
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