Survey sayyyss..... ASMR!
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Filling out surveys gives me ASMR! Please help me find more surveys to complete, and thus ensure endless nights of tingly brain.

Filling out the recent MeFi survey reminded me how I get an incredibly strong ASMR reaction when filling out almost any kind of survey. Both online and on paper are equally good, but not anything that requires me to think too deeply about things (I can tell you how many people live in my household, and which of the following products I've purchased in the last month, but not the nuances of my political opinions, or arranging a list of foods from 1 to 50). Entering in numbers, clicking radio buttons, and writing short, simple answers are best.

I know there are always a lot of people looking for survey respondents, for their survey monkeys, thesis, market research, etc. I'm not looking to fill in a survey "just because" (I'll always follow the rules, be honest, and only participate when I qualify), and it would be nice if I can contribute something meaningful to someone. But useless surveys are good, too! Not looking to make money off this, but not opposed to it, either.

So, anyone know where I can get access to a bunch (100's?) of surveys to fill out?

Thanks in advance for your answers to this admittedly bizarre question :)
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Ha, that's strange. I don't know a bunch of surveys, but I wonder... would Sporcle do anything for you? It's more quiz oriented than survey, but if you pick sufficiently easy quizzes, the mechanics of typing in boxes in answer to questions is similar.
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I participate in the Synovate Global Opinion Panel, which sends me a survey once or twice a week, mostly of the "did you buy an electronic hedge trimmer recently?" variety, but sometimes a more interesting (to me) exploration of branding, what appeals, etc. Sometimes they also send me stuff to try. You get points for doing surveys, and points eventually (slooowly) add up to real money. I've been doing it for about a year and a half and have received a check for $15 and one for $20, so not too shabby for time I would have spent messing around on the internet anyway.

You can sign up here.
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I asked a similar question previously, though mine was focused on academic research surveys. I think these might fulfill your hope that your contribution would be meaningful to someone.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses so far! I should just add, I'm Canadian, so any places that require you to be a US resident won't work. Keep the answers coming!
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Maybe check out this subreddit?
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Opinion Outpost offers market research surveys. When you complete them, you get points which can be redeemed for Amazon gift certificates and donations to charities, among other things. I find that I don't qualify for as many as I'd like, but you may fall into a more qualified demographic than I do.
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I know my colleagues run academic surveys on MTurk sometimes.
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Subscribe to Consumer Reports (disclaimer: I work in CR's survey research department). You'll get the chance to fill out the Annual Questionnaire each year, which is a collection of surveys about anything from your vacuum cleaner to pets to your favorite grocery store. There are usually several follow up surveys that come throughout the year after that ("Tell me more about your dishwasher!"). The next AQ isn't until April, but you could possibly get in on some of the subscriber-only surveys until then. Our sample is mostly American, but there are very few surveys that don't go to Canadians as well.
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