Amazon pays non-USA affiliates directly ?
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Non-USAian Amazon Affiliates - do you get paid directly from amazon and in money rather than Amazon credits ?

[Asking for a relative]

1. You set up a website which links to Amazon music/books (they are not your own products)
2. People buy the products via your links
3. Amazon credit you with x% of sales
4. Amazon sends you the money

Is this really how it works if you are not a USA entity (person or company) ?

It seems to me that the USA IRD would want to get involved in the payments being made to individuals but my nephew thinks otherwise ?

While I'm here - anyone who has experience of being an Amazon Affiliate and wants to offer "things I wish I'd known" on this area ?
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The answers to these questions are under Help on the Amazon Affiliates website.

If you want cash rather than credit, Amazon US posts a check (in US dollars) to people without US bank accounts. They won't post checks smaller than $100.

Amazon collects tax information on people liable to report income to the IRS, i.e. US citizens, residents, and representatives of businesses liable for US tax. If you're none of these, you don't pay tax in the US, and they don't collect the information.
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I stick with the Amazon credit because you get paid out every $10. If you aren't doing a lot of affiliate sales, that might be important for you.
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Thanks to you both for your helpful answers and apologies for not replying before.
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