Renaming my company
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Help me rename my company!

I have a very, very small software company (just me actually) that I originally incorporated as Treehouse Mobile last year. A friend of mine just got hired at Treehouse and mentioned that it's kind of confusing since we're in the same general area.

Most of my customers are either startups or ad agencies, so no "Comprehensive Technology Solutions Architects Firm Blah Blah Blah". Besides, I'd be embarrassed to hand out my card with a lame name like that.

Nerdy names are good. Puns get extra points.

Help me hivemind!
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MoFoCo was a placeholder company that we used to use for UI mockups back in the day. You have my permission to use it.

as long as you're not in the VW parts business, apparently
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Some botanical-flavored options:


Add "Labs" at the end to make it sound more professional.
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What kind of software do you make?
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If you want to keep the same idea why not call it "Tire Swing Mobile" or "Rope Ladder Co"
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arbor domus?
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"Treetops Mobile"*

*Treetops is a famous tree house hotel.
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How about 'Canopy Mobile'?
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Mobile Tree
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Swizzle Stik Software

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As the partner of a small business that received a C&D letter for trademark infringement this year, I encourage you to consult with a trademark lawyer and pay the ~$500 to have a Thomson report done.
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"Odin's Horse Software"
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Ahem. One of my oldest email addresses is indeed treehous - no e on the end because that long ago before broadband, length was restricted. Meanwhile, we had to demolish the treehouse rotting in the trees in the backyard, but kept the email.
If you want to keep a tree name and you are in software, would Cottonwood work for you? That is the tree that puts all those big soft pieces of fluff in the air. Your card could have a logo of a cottonwood tree.
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SwizzleWorks (Bonus: the URL is available, if you ACT FAST)
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playhouse mobile
sandbox mobile
sandpit mobile

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Where are you located?
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Thanks for the great suggestions so far.

I do web and mobile apps in Dallas, to answer a couple of questions.
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Canopy Cabin (the French say Cabane dans les arbres for treehouse)
BranchRanch (Yep, sorry, I instantly think "ranch" when I hear "Dallas" but it may sound corny+ to your ears)
ArborialAbodeApps (Hmm...)

Good luck
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Without knowing more about the software and the target market, it's really hard to help you. Also, for more input, I would suggest running a naming contest on Crowdspring if you can afford it. I think you can do it in such a way that you only have to pay (a winner, not the basic fee) if you like one of the names.
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