What Bird Did I See?
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Need help identifying a bird I saw today. I was driving along Jordan Lake, near Chapel Hill, NC. A large bird flying over the lake folded its wings in slightly, and glided down, in a slight partial spiral, to the lake surface and grabbed a fish. I'd guess I was about 200 feet away. I've seen eagles and osprey at the lake. This bird was that size, with a very large wingspan. Coloring: Appeared black; may have been dark brown. Markings: White on the trailing underside of the wings, at least one-half the width of the wing, beginning at the body and continuing approx. 80 percent of the way to the wing tip. I didn't notice any other markings.
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What made you think that this wasn't an osprey or eagle? How was it different from the osprey and eagles that you've seen there before? Could it have been a juvenile bald eagle? That describes the fishing behavior of eagles more than osprey.
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It could easily have been an osprey or eagle, including an immature bald eagle. The lake has a number of bald eagle nests. I was just trying to indicate the bird's size.

I've been looking around for photos that show the same white pattern under the wings.
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Thanks for the pic, gingerbeer. Any chance an immature bald eagle would have the wing markings I saw?
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A black-hawk, maybe?
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I didn't notice white marking on the tail, and that black hawk pic doesn't show the wing markings I saw. Dunno, either, if black hawks frequent this part of North Carolina.
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It sounds like you're describing a Cormorant. They will dive for fish. More on them here.
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Lots of cormorants at the lake; might well have been what I saw. The bird didn't dive or swoop to the lake surface so much as it it allowed itself to drop vertically, then just above the surface it extended its wings, grabbed the fish in its beak, and flew away.
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Only an osprey has what could be described as a white trailing edge to the wing, of the large fishing raptors.
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Ah -- fish in its beak! An important detail. Not an eagle or an osprey -- they will both grab with talons. A cormorant or other non-raptor is much more likely then.
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I'd think cormorant too. Or possibly anhinga if they're around there.
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I've seen bald eagles there before, but that doesn't sound like a bald eagle.
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I'm going with cormorant, then.
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