New garage construction reco in Chicago
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Recommendation for garage builder in Chicago area, and any tips or thoughts on getting an old garage demolished and a new garage built?

We need to demolish a single car garage and concrete pad and replace it with a 2 car garage, before winter. Yelp is not much help and our neighbors have a "so-so" recommendation, so I am hoping Mefi might have some suggestions for reputable garage builders in the Chicago (Oak Park) area? Also, any other tips or thoughts related to new garage construction? We will need to get trees trimmed and a new fence too, so any suggestions for tree trimmers and fence builders are also appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Regency Garage in Elmhurst did a good job. Ain't cheap though.
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And actually, with permitting, you are seriously running out of time.
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Best answer: Bob Jaacks Rustic Wood Fences did a great and fast job putting up a 6' solid wood fence in our yard a couple years ago. We didn't do a lot of price comparisons but it certainly seemed reasonable to me.
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