Searching for snub-nosed spoons
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Where can I buy silverware with flat-tipped spoons like this? My old roommate had some, but he doesn't recall where they came from.
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I'm pretty sure that's a sugar spoon. My set of Oneida flatware came with one that looks almost exactly like that.
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This is the perfect job for Replacements!

Previously (yeah, yeah, self link).
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It's fancier but the Fortessa Scalini line has a flat tip spoon.
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I'm pretty sure that's a sugar spoon

I should've included something for scale -- that's a full-size soup spoon. The set also had similar tea spoons. It came as a normal five-piece silverware set.

the Fortessa Scalini line has a flat tip spoon

Fantastic! $30/setting is a bit rich for my blood but it gives me hope that the general design isn't a one-off fluke.
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IIRC, airlines (back in the day of metal utensils) used to use these...can't say why exactly, but it might be worth looking into...does that one have anything stamped on the back that might tell you who it's made by?
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I have a set of flatware from Target from 10 years ago that looks exactly like that. Unfortunately, I just looked on their site and it seems that they do not carry it any longer, but the stamp on the back is a long S in a circle.
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Gourmet Settings

I think the last one is the closest, although the Mikasa is the funkiest.
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That is definaetly Gourmet Settings, I had the same set too- It called Non-stop.
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My roommate got back to me -- apparently stamped on the back is "Hampton Silversmiths stainless china 054"

I can't find that exact set with my poor Google-fu, but I think I may like some of the options that popped up here even more. Also, Madamina, thanks for the Replacements link! Thanks to that link, I've finally replaced a chipped bowl that's been sitting around for a year! :D
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