Goosebumps-like book
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A sci-fi teen book from the 90's?

I keep remembering a book that I read growing up in the 90's and I cant find it online. The storyline was about a couple of kids who discover a portal to another world/planet/dimension in their garage/barn, and they could send and receive objects from both sides.
I remember that when receiving an object from the portal they could see it fuzzy and in the distance, and judging by how far away it looks they could determine how many days/hours it would take to get to Earth.
I remember at first they received an alien clock with light up dots, and the climax of the book was that they saw an extremely large object with hundreds of teeth on its way to them and they struggled to close the portal.

Any ideas? Im fairly certain this one wasnt a dream. :)
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oh, and they were at their uncle's house for the summer? and they were twin boys, and one realized that there were weird time effects near the portal, and decided to hang out in the shelter his uncle had built and work out and 'age' for a year?

I read this too, I'm looking....
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was it Singularity by William Sleator?
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Sounds like William Sleator's Singularity, with the twin boys and the barn with a different timing speed and the teeth. The teeth were very memorable.
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the man of twists and turns: "was it Singularity by William Sleator?"

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Oh man, I am totally reading this. I loved these kind of books, and judging by that cover I would have been all over it. HOW have I not read this yet!? Thanks for the question!
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Nthing Singularity.
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Usually our Sleator Name-That-Book question is about House of Stairs [1, 2, 3, etc.], so Singularity is a nice change of pace. If you like any of his books, you should really try them all. Interstellar Pig was probably my favorite.
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There's two FPPs on Sleator worth checking out (and, uh, one of them is mine.)
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Glad you found it! In a similar vein, there is Wildside.
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That was killing me for years! I love the green!
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