UK Android tethering on the cheap?
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At the end of this month I'm coming to the end of my mobile 'phone contract with T-Mobile UK and am looking for the cheapest way (presumably SIM only) to run my Android smartphone whilst being able to tether it to my Android tablet - does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for plans/providers/cunning ruses to get a great deal, please?
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giffgaff is my recommendation. It's a no-frills sort of a service, and you've got plans that look like contracts and plans that look like PAYG. And I think they're unusual in that they explicitly allow tethering.

If you do decide to go with giffgaff, then ask around to see if any of your friends already use them, because you'll earn them a fiver for referring you.
And if none of them do, I won't be offended if you memail me for a referral...
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I've heard great things about Giffgaff and their unlimited data from a few of my friends, and if I wasn't tied into a contract at the moment I'd be using them too.
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Agreed, I'm with them and they're pretty good. Pick up a £10 goodie bag for a month of unlimited data, plus some great UK minutes and texts. They're buoyed by the 02 network.
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Giffgaff only allow tethering on a Gigabag, or when using airtime credit to pay for it. The service is very good, though.
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As ever, when it comes to such matters, I recommend the excellent Ken's Tech Tips for the most up-to-date information and guidance.
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