Affordable Student Housing in SF
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I'm looking for the San Francisco equivalent of Australia's UniLodge - basic student housing without tons of frills. Do they exist?

I'm starting grad school in SF and currently live in Oakland but am looking for places that are closer to school. My school doesn't offer housing so I've had to look around,and one option I'm exploring are student apartments.

The places I've found seem to function more like hotels, despite calling themselves "student housing" - mostly because they include in the price perks such as weekly housekeeping, daily breakfasts, and state-of-the-art gym/spa facilities. I don't need anything quite that fancy! All I'm after is:

* furnished - bed, desk, wardrobe
* has Internet
* kitchen and bathroom can be shared
* private bedroom

I did apply for the Berkeley Student Coops and got a place in International House (also at Berkeley) but they're both too far. I don't think I'm qualified for other universities' housing. I'm hoping for something under $1000/month. Does what I'm looking for exist?

(I am specifically looking for something in San Francisco, not Oakland or Berkeley - I have my reasons for my location choices. I am also looking at sharehousing but that's easier to source than this. hence the q.)
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Just to check: this is just an option and you're also considering finding roommates and renting an apartment? A couple of years ago I shared an apartment in SF and paid under $750, maybe $800 with all bills included. If you don't have willing friends for this you can brave Craigslist's Housing/Roommates wanted areas.
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col.pogo: yup, it's one of many options.
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I lived at the Central YMCA during a stint in school. I can't tell from their website whether or not they still offer lodging for students. In 2004 or 2005 it was under $500/month for a one of their larger single rooms with a bathroom down the hall. The neighborhood is pretty sketch, but you had access to all the gym facilities - including the pool - and were a block from a BART station.
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