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I need some great short texts (video clips, short stories, poems, comics, cartoons, pictures) that are funny. Ideally, I want a range of humour here: from Jackass to Shakespeare, from xkcd to Twain...pretty much anything someone finds funny at any level. Should be appropriate for mature 17-18 year olds.

The idea is that I can show/read the text with a group of 30 students and have them do a short analysis (in writing or discussion) of what makes it funny.

This school is fairly liberal, so feel free to suggest something that might be "on the line" and I'll try and post updates to gauge what is "over the line" here.

I'd love everyone to link to the text/picture if possible.

Thanks everyone!
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Almost anything by the oft-mentioned Bill Bryson. I've linked to The Lost Continent, a travelogue that is howlingly funny. Howlingly! (And the chapters are short, for easy pickings.)
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There's not that much of it available online, but I find the 1990s New Golden Era WB cartoons (Animaniacs, Freakazoid!) to be pretty excellent bits of funny that works on a lot of levels.

It's not a short text, but Duck Soup should be seen by everyone.
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I use this image when I'm talking to librarians about social media. There are a whole bunch of different parts of this image that you have to sort of understand in order to really get it.
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If you can find any Ivor Cutler (such as I'm happy or Old Cups of Tea) he was a master of the short and strange.
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Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons might work for this.
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Far Side favorite: "So, Professor Jenkins!... My old nemesis!... We meet again, but this time, the advantage is mine!" (In Lego. The original, here, buried at the bottom of the comments, is still hilarious.)
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Here's a multi-textual snippet of Animaniacs, from Woodstock Slappy... Who's On Stage.
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Oh, and much to my surprise, here is the entire cartoon, Woodstock Slappy.
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I also have to put in a vote for Tom Lehrer's "Be Prepared":

"Be prepared! that's the boy scout's marching song,
Be prepared! as through life you march along.
Be prepared to hold your liquor pretty well,
Don't write naughty words on walls if you can't spell."
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Red Meat may be pushing the line.
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Julian Smith's PIE.
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Louis vs. Rick
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I'm sure that Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy series is rife with quotes, and various Monty Python sketches would also work.
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She doesn't update anymore (sadly), but Allie Brosh's has >dozens >of >truly >hilarious >short >bits.

one more.
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Totally agree with The Far Side.

These are the other things that make me happiest:

Hyperbole and a Half (all of them, but perhaps especially Dogs Don't Understand Moving

The Bloggess's Giant Chicken (language may be unsuitable)

This Natalie Dee Comic

This Savage Chickens comic

This Perry Bible Fellowship comic

Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts

Ian Frazier's Lamentations of the Father

Phillip Lopate's poem We Who Are Your Closest Friends

Dave Barry's Bad Song Survey (1, 2, 3 ) (though these may not be funny to 17-18 year olds who aren't familiar with the 'music').

Monty Python's Argument Clinic and Norwegian Blue

Steve Martins's Holiday wishes

Celebrity Lullabyes (warning: contains Ricky Gervais and Elmo)
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A Dave Barry column.
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David Sedaris, too.
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I should have mentioned the texts for the class are:
Me Talk Pretty One Day
America (The Book)
Confederacy of Dunces (not sure I'll use this, as I haven't read it)
Dave Barry Turns 40 (not a fan of his, but might use it as contrast for Sedaris)
Monty Python: Search for the Holy Grail.

I haven't seen anything that is over the line yet (not even Red Meat). Thanks for the amazing suggestions - I've decided to go with an SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skit (with Sean Connery and Turn Ferguson) for the first day, and I'll make my way through these (and any future!) suggestions.

You guys saved me hours down the "funny video on youtube" rabbit hole...which I can't afford when I have three new classes to prep and students to teach tomorrow! I heart metafilter.

(and I'm TOTALLY using hyperbole and a half...I hadn't thought of using it until ya'll mentioned it. One of the funniest things out there on the interwebs)
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Stan Freberg and the Declaration of Independence

"Surly to bed, surly to rise" was trotted out almost every day at my house growing up.
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Oh, if you're looking for something on video that could be a chance bit of funny, there's this moment from the British quiz show QI:

"They say of the Acropolis, where the Parthenon is...."
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Doctor Fun
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Please use Confederacy of Dunces in your class. It's awesome.

I'm going to suggest Mitch Hedberg if you want some stand-up. He had some crude language but any of his Letterman appearances would be great for 17-18 year olds.
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