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Does anyone make something like a Yamaha APX Thinline but with a thicker neck?

I have a cheap Silvertone acoustic from '73 (when they started to go downhill as I understand it) in addition to a pretty good electric (just like this one). The Silvertone acoustic is...fine. It was cheap and plays okay and sounds okay. It was good enough to mess around on but I want to upgrade to something of quality on par with my electric.

I played a Yamaha APX500 the other day and it was great. I loved the size and shape of the body, it was very playable, and sounded pretty good to my ear. The only thing I didn't like was that it had a thin neck.

So what I'm looking for is a smaller/thinner body acoustic (it doesn't have to have a pickup), with a cutaway and a thicker neck (not a wider nut but more distance between back of the neck and the fret board) than the Yamaha APX500 at around the same price point (~$300 new, cheaper if used) that will still be a good quality instrument.

I wouldn't consider it settling if I can't find anything better than the APX but I want to do my due diligence. What else will be of similar price/quality to the Yamaha that I might want to check out?
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This is one of those questions that requires a strong "breadth of field" knowledge to answer. AskMeFi is great for many, many things, but I think this particular question should also be directed towards an acoustic guitar forum. I like the one on, as it gets a decent amount of traffic and has some very knowledgeable regulars, but I am sure there are other good acoustic guitar forums as well.

Also, in this price range I think you're better off buying used and paying your local guitar shop to do a proper set up (and maybe a little repair/neck straightening/fret filing) than buying a new-but-cheap instrument. It's obviously dependent on what's available in your area, but there are a lot of very good used instruments in the $200-$400 price range, whereas new instruments in that price range may be more "acceptable" instead of actually being "good".

One other thought: there are a lot of used acoustic/electric cutaway guitars out there with bad electronics that still function perfectly well as acoustic guitars. For example, I recently purchased a used Ibanez acoustic/electric cutaway with bum electronics on CL, and after having a little work done to the neck and bridge I'm extremely pleased with it. It's a much better instrument than I could have purchased for the same amount of money new, and as I also have an electric guitar I really don't miss the electronics. A straight neck, comfortable action, and a bone bridge go a long way towards making any acoustic guitar sound and play great. Just something to keep in mind...
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I should have added that I'd also be looking for a better place to ask this question. I get that it's kind of specific and maybe not the best question for but it's tough to find a good forum to ask something like this without reading a bunch of threads or getting a recommendation.

I'm hoping to have a couple of guitars that will work and keep an eye for one of the models that will work on craiglist/e-bay/local pawn and guitar shops and taking them to my luthier to get setup.

Looking for something with borked electronics is an AWESOME idea. Thanks!
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Look at the Simon and Patrick line (a sub brand of Godin). They're quickly becoming the standard acoustic guitar among the professional musicians I know (not rock stars, but people who earn a living in jobbing bands and teaching and so on). The price/performance ratio is off the scale.
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(And in terms of pickup, it's hard to beat the Baggs M1, which will fit almost any acoustic guitar out there -- FAR better than most factory pickups).
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