How to get Mac mail to use the right account?
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Mac mail sends with one gmail account but the recipient sees it sent from another gmail account. Help?

I have the Mac mail app on my 2011 MBP. I have one Microsoft exchange account and 3 gmail accounts set up in mail and all receive mail just fine.

If I send an email with gmail1 and check my sent email, it shows as being sent from gmail1. When I get a response, however, the response always comes to gmail3. When I look at the email that was sent (via the reply), it shows as being sent from gmail3.

I don't want gmail3 to be used for important emails. I can receive emails sent directly to gmail1 without issue, so my mailbox is not full. I check the drop down menu in the new email box and I am definitely choosing the right gmail account.

Why do all my emails seem to go out through gmail3 even though I want them (and try to force them) through gmail1? How can I fix this?
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Check the SMTP sender. Mail on Mac is a bit weird, but your default sender is probably set to gmail3.
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Ah okay, the SMTP was offline for that account. I do have 2 step authentication on it and just gave it a new password so it works fine now, but is there something I can do to make sure it doesn't go offline without warning again?

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In account settings, make sure each account is set to only use its SMTP account. There's a box you can check for "use only this account".
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Great, problem solved. Thanks again.
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