Mystery blue powder from the 1920s for polishing crystal?
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What is this mystery substance? In an episode of Upstairs, Downstairs, Rose and Daisy are cleaning crystals from the chandelier. Rose explains that "...then you give the pieces a wipe-over with this powder blue before the final polish and that gives the glass an extra sparkle." Screengrab here.

It's at about 23:15 from this episode, season 5/episode 5, if Netflix is helpful. Apparently it's also good for mirrors? I'm not Googling correctly and/or Mrs. Beeton doesn't cover this.
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Bluing powder. It's still available; it's mostly used for laundry and for hair products for silver-haired ladies, but my bottle specifically says it's useful to impart sparkle to decorative crystal and chandeliers.
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Reckitt's Blue?
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Oh, what it is is very finely powdered iron. How it works is that adding a blue tint to a yellowed white makes it look bright white
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whoops! ...because blue is the complementary of yellow.

kerplunk is right that it was probably Reckitt's Blue that would have been used in an English house of that era.
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Wow! You guys are so fast and awesome that I'm afraid I just blue myself.

I'd thought it might be that, but somehow also thought it was only a liquid. Thanks!
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Blue is not the complement of yellow. It is the complement of orange. Purple and yellow are complementary colors.
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Dolley, "yellowed" whites get that way because of orange from rust in the water. I appreciate your calling out my sloppy usage.
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That was serious, no snark.
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Not all that helpful in answering the question, but my Scottish grandmother added a few drops of "blue" from a tiny bottle when she was hand-washing whites. It's so lovely and old-fashioned!
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