what is a downthemall equivalent for safari
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Mac osx 10.6. Sick of the spinning ball when I use firefox. Slowly moving to safari however I am married to some of the mozilla plugins. What is a downthemall equivalent for safari that is free? Thanks hive
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What does "downthemall" mean? Never heard that before.

Sadly, a lot of times people's problems with Firefox are due to all of the plugins (or extensions) that they've installed! You could find the perfects Firefox replacement, only to load it up with extensions and experience the same problems.

Lot of people I know are or have moved to Google Chrome. It has extensions too but they work a little differently.
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DownThemAll is a Firefox extension that allows you to pull up a list of all the links on a page, sort them by the type of file they link to, and download all the ones you want to a single target folder. I have no idea if there's anything similar for Safari.
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Ooohh... I kept reading it as Down-The-Mall and thought it was some new slang.
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Seconding the suggestion to try Chrome, but AFAIK Firefox has the largest library of plugins, and that may be what's giving you the beachball.

How much memory is in your machine? Max it out.
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You may want to see if you can get Firefox to perform better. The key points:

1. Download the most current version of Firefox, if you're using an older one. Old versions tend to have higher memory usage which can be a cause of the Spinning Wheel Of Death.

2. Create a new Firefox "profile" containing just the extensions you need. You can do this with the profile manager. This makes sure that any cruft from your old profile is gone, and that you're not being bogged down by unused extensions.
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Hold down shift when launching Firefox to load without loading all your extensions and add-ons. If it's still dog-slow, you have problems. Of it's noticeably faster, you can disable all extensions/add ons and re-enable one at a time to see where the issue is. Make sure all add-ons and plugins are up to date and be sure you have the most current version. Firefox 15 on my 2007 MacBook Pro runs just fine, or at least no slower than Safari does on the same machine...
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