Password manager for Windows and Android?
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I'm looking for a password manager that will work seamlessly across multiple PCs and my Android phone.

It seems like there are a hundred options for these applications, but I'm wondering if anyone has had success with an application across multiple platforms and systems.

Specifically, I want it to work with my XP desktop at work, Windows 7 laptop, home PC and server, and my Android phone. I assume this means I need a service that can store the password database online or something that can be stored on DropBox which I also use.
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Seconding KeePass; If you want some extra security for you password vault, you can put a keyfile locally on each device, so even if someone gets your password vault from KeePass and somehow knows the password for it, unless they have a copy of your keyfile, they still can't open the vault.
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nthing keepass, which I use across various platforms and uses dropbox as the storage point. The 'droid app isn't developed by keepass' dev though, so you may want to weigh up that risk (I did, it doesn't bother me that much).

lastpass is web based and has a 'droid app but I've not used it on a regular basis/tried the app.
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KeePass + Dropbox is popular around the office. (Mostly Linux and Android based) I also use KeePass + Dropbox, on Windows + MacOS (KeePassX) + Linux + iPhone (KyPass).
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Response by poster: So then the only passwords I should actually need to know are the passwords for KeePass and DropBox then?
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As a 1password user (the android client is only a reader, the iPhone client is better; haven't used keypass), I need to know 4 passwords:
- My laptop's login password
- my dropbox password (which 1password also knows)
- my one password passphrase
- my gmail password.

The last I might not technically need to know, but it's too important to me, and so many password resets go through it, that I know that one as well.
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Keepass+dropbox is what I do. It works on Windows, Android and BB. The keypass one should be the extra strong one (though they should both be good), in my view.

Dropbox has been compromised in the past, recently even. Once the malefactors get your password archive, they can crack it at their leisure, no limit on repeats or delays by webservers. Therefore, that had better be a decent password.

However, keep in mind that you'll need to type the Keepass one frequently, and from a cellphone touch screen too. Wither the recent Dropbox breach, I'm likely going to move over to the Google Drive space, as Google allows me to use 2-factor authentication.
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Used KeePass for a number of years, switched this year to LastPass. They are both great products and either will serve your needs. I felt like LastPass had better usability, more two factor options (if you care about that), and was more seamless for iOS and Android.
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Have a look at Password Wallet
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LastPass. If you use the Dolphin browser on Android it has a plugin that automates password entry for you. It's awesome everywhere else too.
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I just switched over to LastPass recently, and that has the added bonus of having support for two-factor authentication along the lines of a Text Grid, Google Authenticator, Yubikey, or flash drive. (There might be others I'm forgetting)

This is a feature you definitely want.
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I've used many password managers, and LastPass is by far my favorite. In a given week, I use it on Windows 7, OSX, Ubuntu, Android, & my Open Pandora.
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I love LastPass!
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I have been using Dashlane, which is free for all the basic functionality and super easy to use.

It has plugins that automate your logging in for Chrome, IE, and Firefox, and there are apps for iOS and Android. It also offers functionality for auto-filling in forms and can be used to keep track of your credit card information as well (though of course you can choose not to). With credit cards it requires you to enter your master password each time you want to have it autofill in the payment information.
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