Looking for a new 4+ button scroll mouse for Win 7
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I'm looking for computer mouse suggestions: at least 4 button (right, left, forward and backward for internet browsing) plus a scroll wheel, for Windows 7, your best buys for the money. More details inside.

My old Microsoft optical USB mouse was similar to this one, except molded for right-handed use, featuring two buttons under the thumb instead of one per side like the linked model. The mouse would stop working sporadically, for a moment, complete with the USB disconnect/reconnect sound, and it finally gave up the ghost after this behavior increased to once every minute or so.

I've grown accustomed to the right-handed style, but I could probably get used to a symmetrical design. I would also prefer wired, as I don't need the freedom of a wireless mouse at my desktop. I don't do any gaming that requires quick or accurate response, but I do futz around with Photoshop.

While I'd normally browse a near-by computer shop and pick something up, I've moved to an area without any office supply shops close enough to make the trip really convenient, and I have a back-up mouse, so I figured I can now be a bit pickier. Also, if there are non-traditional mice that you like, I'd like to hear about those, too, though my computer is used by family and friends from time-to-time, who didn't like when I had my mouse on the left-hand side.

I'm frugal, but not cheap, so if you've had a great mouse for the past 5 to 10 years, I'll check it out. And I'm not stuck on USB, as my PC tower has a PS/2 connector for a mouse, though my keyboard does have two USB jacks, where I used to connect my old mouse before it got unreliable and took out the keyboard when it went wonky for a second (they'd return together, so I thought it was a USB issue, but the keyboard was fine once I moved the mouse to another USB port).
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I really love my Logitech LX8 Cordless Laser. Expensive new, but it's real cheap used or refurbished. And I've had mine for > four years and it's still good as new (after very heavy use), so buying used would likely be ok.

It's wireless, though. But the battery lasts so long that I'm always shocked when it runs out. Surely less often than once/year.
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Seconding the Logitech LX8 and its update, the M510. Both are very comfortable and I love them.
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One thing to be aware of is the middle-click/scroll click. On newer mice like the Logitech M510, they add scroll tilt where you can tilt the scroll wheel left or right. The problem is middle-clicking is extremely annoying because it keeps trying to tilt instead of actually click the scroll wheel. I ended up returning the M510 the first day because I couldn't stand it.
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I used to have use the Logitech G7, until I broke it. Two small lightweight batteries, each good for about 8 hours at the computer but, with practice, I could swap them in about 3 seconds. I didn't experience the rocking scroll-wheel issue described above, but they've also clearly updated it since I had mine. I've also never had a reason to use L-R on the scroll-wheel, so you can always unmap it. Logitech software for button mapping isn't the most elegant, but it covers the bases function-wise.

I've held the LX8 as well and it made my BF3 hand itchy for targets-- nice mouse. If it lasts as long as claimed, and G7's quality was anything to go by, the money will be worth it.
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Response by poster: I'll be honest, having a mouse die on me because of batteries, or pop up a warning that the batteries are low, sounds rather annoying. Is it really not that bad?
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Batteries for the Logitech M510 are rated for a two-year lifespan. You replace them with standard batteries just like your TV remote.
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I've been using rechargeable batteries in my mouse for over a year now. I change em once every month or two, and it's not annoying. On a mac it's super easy to check your bluetooth charge% and I only care if I'm going out of town.
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Best answer: I've got a Razer DeathAdder that I'm currently very happy with. For all that it's a gamerz mouse, honestly it has the best responsiveness of any mouse I've ever had and it's not junked up with teenage bling. It's also very well built compared to Logitech or MS mice of similar price.

They make a wireless mouse too, but I bought the wired as, like you, I was sick of replacing the batteries in the Logitech Anywhere I had previously. I've not regretted it at all.
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Best answer: I love my Logitech G9. Two different grips you can snap onto it, adjustable weight cartridge to make a heavy or light-feeling mouse, custom profiles, on-the-fly DPI adjust for four different resolution (mouse sensitivity) settings, selectable by software. Left/right, thumb1, thumb2, mousewheel clicks; scroll wheel spins up/down and tilts left/right for two-axis scrolling, and you can toggle the "gear feeling" on the scroll wheel on or off so it has tactile "stops" as you scroll up or down, or is silky smooth. It's crazy precise and responsive and it's never "drifted" on me like other laser mice have. It is, however, strictly a right-handed mouse.

(Also you can change the color of the LEDs with software, which pleases me more than it should. Mine are purple.)
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Best answer: From the general suggestions for gaming mice, I picked up a Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse 400 from Amazon for about $37, because there were positive reviews, and it was cheaper than most moderate-looking gaming mice. At first it felt heavy, but that was probably because I was using a tiny travel mouse for over a week. The ergonomics and weight are now comfortable, and I just need to figure out shortcuts to apply to the three bonus buttons (they're resolution-adjusting buttons for gaming by default).
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