Vegan marshmallows in T.O.
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Where can I find vegan (non-gelatin) marshmallows in Toronto?

I know Panacea Eco-Shop used to carry them, but sadly they're closed now. I've heard they're sold at Whole Foods but every store I've been to in the area doesn't.

I know they can be made at home, but a vegetarian friend of mine is looking to buy them. Thanks!
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Look for them in the kosher section of a larger or jewish grocer.
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I have found marshmallows made with agar in Japanese grocery stores. That might be a place to start.
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See here for where they sell Sweet and Sara's vegan marshmallows in Toronto - they are so good!
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Or a larger Halal store! Iqbal's seems to be a big one. You can also buy kosher, halal, non-gelatin marshmallows online (via Amazon at least)- but not sure how soon your friend needs them, or if they're willing to pay shipping costs.
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The kosher ones are often made using gelatin from fish skins or cow hides (reference), so I'd be careful if you're going that route.
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It looks like Whole Foods carries Dandies in Toronto - they taste just like the real thing to me.
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It may help to know Dandies aren't in the refrigerated section like other vegan marshmallows - at my stores they are in the baking aisle.
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Yeah, we looked in several Whole Foods, and were told they don't carry Dandies anymore.
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Essence of life in kensington has the sweet and sara's vegan marshmallows and they are soooo gooood
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I don't think you'll be happy if you pick up a marshmallow that isn't specifically marketed and labelled as being vegan. Every Kosher marshmallow I have seen contains fish gelatin. Every Halal marshmallow I have seen contains beef gelatin. Every Japanese marshmallow I have seen (in Toronto or Japan) contains gelatin (ゲラチン)and doesn't list the source of the gelatin, which causes me to assume it is pig gelatin. It looks like if your friend wants marshmallows they'll have to go down to Kensington.
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Qi Natural Foods may have them. They've got a lot of the same stuff as Essence of Life for the same good prices. They have a big new location across from Honest Ed's now, too.
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Sweet & Sara are your best bet. I get them either from Essence of Life (in Kensington, as mentioned already) or at Karma Coop (in the Annex, but you need to be a member to shop there).

If your friend is open to marshmallow FLUFF instead of marshmallows, Whole Foods has suzanne's Marshmallow Creme (this stuff: I find it's great for hot chocolate, and others have told me they've used it to make rice krispie treats. Basically you could use it for anything you might want marshmallows for, except roasting them over a campfire.

Sadly, I have looked for Dandies in Toronto and have not found them since Panacea closed.
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With all the new vegan restaurants popping up in town, it's too bad Panacea closed down.

Echoing Sweet & Sara. Their website lists where you can find their products in Canada (scroll down to the bottom of the page), and a few stores in Toronto are included.
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