Where can in get a bag like this in the UK?
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What's the nearest thing to this Aeronaut bag that I can buy in the UK? Essentials are carry-on size plus convertibility to a backpack.
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Tom Bihn ships to the UK for ~$50, so, you know, that one? Is there a cost limit?
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Does Tom Binh not ship to the UK?

I own that bag and it's awesome.
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Freitag makes this bag, which fits both your requirements, but I've never used it.
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I'm in the UK and travel by air a lot. I searched for ages and ages for alternatives to the Aeronaut which were locally available (and perhaps a bit cheaper!) and I tried a few different bags to help me try get to the utopia that is travelling with carry-on only.

It was such a waste of time - nothing even came close to the Aeronaut. It is just first class.

If you travel even remotely often, I would just buy it and stomach the shipping.
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This is an amazing bag - Tom Binh ships to the UK. The only other bag that is similar to this is the Sky Train, and Red Oxx also ships to the UK. I have spent a couple of years researching and testing carry-on bags - I own both of these (and a few others that don't compare). These two are the best out there and more than worth the shipping cost.
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(And if it matters, I had my Sky Train shipped to the UK and it arrived within a week.)
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For what it's worth you could save some cash by not purchasing the shoulder strap. I bought one and haven't used it once.

meerkatty, I don't suppose you've tried the Freitag I linked, have you?
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I have the Patagonia MLC and love it. It seems very similar and is convertible too. I've used it for years. That should be a UK link.
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Response by poster: Sorry - should have explained - I leave on Saturday and didn't plan ahead!
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