Forgotten gem.
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I'm trying to recall a Star Trek short story published 25-30 years ago. I have no author or title. It was in an anthology.

The setting was two characters (never named) waiting for rescue, playing mental chess and arguing philosophy. From the dialog, Spock and McCoy are implied. It starts and ends? with a chess move.
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Have you tried the Trek-specific wikis? This sounds like something Memory Beta would have.
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There is a TOS-era short story entitled "Ni Var" in which Spock's two halves play against each other.
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Per zombieflanders' advice, the three dimensional chess entry on Memory Beta references a mental chess game between Spock and Data that fits your description from a non-canon TNG comic.
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I can't currently check the story itself for the chess move, but to me it sounds like the story "Cave-In," from the anthology Star Trek: the New Voyages 2. And there's an Amazon review that says: "Cave-In" by Jane Peyton is an interesting prose piece of dialogue between Spock and another character (McCoy?) while trapped together after a cave-in (of course)."
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Thanks theatro, the title Cave-in did the trick. That is the story!
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Amazon link (courtesy of my brother, who got the answer about 90 minutes after theatro's comment.
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