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Help me find Reduced Fat Doritos in NYC

From a hotel vending machine in North Carolina, I bought a bag of Sweet and Spicy Reduced Fat Doritos. They were very good, even better than Baked Doritos, with a low of amount of fat -- which I care about far more than calories.

When I got back to NYC, I couldn't find them in stores. I visited the Doritos website and saw that they also made Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese in the Reduced Fat versions. I couldn't search by specific varieties on their site, so I called Frito-Lay and asked where I could find any RF Doritos in my area.

The rep said that all three RF varieties are made as healthful alternatives for children and are only available in schools.

That's not true, I told her. I bought one from a vending machine.

That must have been a "one-off," she said. Or "that person had an inside connection." Either way, they're aren't for sale in stores.

Well, this is America. More to the point: this is New York City. If the chips can be in a hotel vending machine in North Carolina, they can be here. So I'm asking MeFites for help in finding these chips. I'm looking for legal, legitimate ways to purchase them.

Does anyone know of a "one-off" or "inside connection" where I can buy Reduced Fat Doritos?
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Berkshire Food will deliver for free to Manhattan with minimum $200 order, and they have Reduced Fat Doritos in Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, and Sweet Chili. I don't know if they will sell to individuals, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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