Remove Acer front panel
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How do I get the front panel off to install a second hard drive in my new computer?

I got a new Acer Predator G3620-UR20P. The hard drive cage has room for a second drive, but it's partly blocked off from the inside, so I need to remove the front panel to slide the new drive in from the front.

The Acer Help line idiot told me I'd have to take it to a repair shop, and the Acer manual merely says that the thing can be done, but doesn't say how. I tried gentle prying, but it's making creaking, "I'm about to break" noises.
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Typically, case fronts are attached with clips at the bottom or along the vertical edges. Sometimes, those are plastic tabs that slide into the chassis itself, and sometimes they are nubs that press into holes in the case bottom.

Hard to tell from the Amazon images, but if you could take pictures of the case (preferably with the side panels removed, if possible), someone might be able to suss your issue out.
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Are you sure you need to take the front off? Most cases have a side panel that comes off (example).
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Actually re-reading your question I might have misunderstood the issue so my apologies if you've already got that far.
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Best answer: Here's the service manual. Fun stuff begins on page 35.
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Try looking at the inside of the front panel, if you can (depending on how much is in the way inside the case). Many front panels are held in place by tabs that just need to be squeezed or pushed inwards to let them slide out. If you can't get a good view from the inside, work your way around the edges on the outside to see if you can feel exactly where the panel is attached, and try sliding a thin screwdriver between the panel and case at those points (one at a time) and gently pressing inward while pulling out on that area of the panel (DO NOT try to force it, be gentle). If it is held on by tabs, that should let you pop them out.
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Whoops, looks like Griphus found you a better answer right before I hit post. Ignore me.
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Reading that service manual, it looks like you don't need to remove the front panel. The hard drives go in a cage that is secured with one philips screw. See pages 46-48.
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Typically the "hard drive cage" is indeed secured with one or two screws (never more), and also has some kind of element that lets it swing or slide (as if on a track) to the outside. It's not actually on a track, just has some flange that makes it require a sliding motion to pull out of the side of the unit.

Do yourself a favor and make all connections to the HDD before replacing the cage, and getting a boot you're happy with before closing everything up.
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Response by poster: Bravo griphus - exactly what the phone rep said doesn't exist and exactly what I need.
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