Whitewater Rafting the Rogue River
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Help us decide on a whitewater rafting guide/outfitter for the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

My husband and I will be attending the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon from August 27-September 2. While we're there, we'd like to try whitewater rafting on the Rogue River. (Neither of us have done this before.) There are at least half a dozen rafting companies that offer basically the same half-day trip on "The Nugget" section of the river, a mix of class I-IV rapids "suitable for novices." All are in the same price range and offer similar amenities. I had no luck Googling for a site where people review such trips. Has anyone used any of the following rafting companies in Ashland, OR:
Noah's River Adventures, Adventure Center, Rogue Klamath River Adventures, Kokopelli River Guides, Momentum River Expeditions, Arrowhead River Adventures. Additional advice on neat stuff to do in and around Ashland would be welcome.
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Well, it seemed almost sacrilegious for me not to post on this since I live in Grants Pass, Oregon. You listed some good companies to go rafting with, but to be honest, most of my friends just rent the rafts from them and don't use the tour guides. Noah's I've heard of the most and Sundance River also.
While you are in Ashland be sure to check out the book stores, Bloomsbury Books and Blue Dragon Bookshop, both on E Main St.
And then, if you make it into Grants Pass, check out the Bearfest 2005 where 30+ local artists (including me!) have painted, sculpted and designed 60+ bears in the downtown region. If you're into art them you must check them out, because it will blow your mind.
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oops, er, them=then
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It's been a while since I rafted the Rogue, but I think we used Kokopelli. It's the only one from your list that sounded familiar.

It's a great ride. I imagine most of them should be comparable. I'd call a couple and just get a feel for their attitudes. Have a great time. I love southern Oregon. Check out Jacksonville if you get a chance. Most of the downtown is on the historic register. And if you're into skateboarding, there are some good parks in the area.
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