Was it a bad idea to put Advantage II in the refrigerator?
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What is the best place to store my pets' flea medication. I had it in the fridge for the last few weeks. Is it ruined?

So I had the dog's and the cat's Advantage II flea meds in the fridge for a few weeks because I've heard that sometimes it can break down and I just sort of figured that it would last longer if I kept it refrigerated. My SO thinks that this could have been bad for it and that it may now be ineffective, and a few other places on the internet seem to support this. Do we need to buy new flea medication for our pets, or are we good to use the stuff that was stored in the fridge? Should we continue storing it in the fridge, or should we keep it somewhere else? What's the ideal location for this stuff?
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We've been told to keep our cat's medication in the fridge.
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Response by poster: Their flea medication? What type? I know some medicines definitely call for refrigerated storage, others not.
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Looks like laboratories working with pyriproxyfen and imidacloprid store them long-term in refrigerated conditions, you should be fine. There are some warnings about freezing though, so avoid that.
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