Finding a lost camera?
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What other avenues should I be pursuing to find the camera we lost on our honeymoon in Utah?

My husband and I lost our camera on a long honeymoon road trip... by process of elimination, we're pretty sure it's on the road overlooking the Spiral Jetty in the Salt Lake in Utah. It's been about a month, but this is a pretty remote location, so it's totally possible that it's still there... we've tried Craigslist in Utah where we offered a reward to try to get people to go out and look for it, but no dice, partly because it's so out-of-the-way to get there at all. I've also checked with no luck. We're now back home in Massachusetts, but we'd really like to get all our honeymoon pictures back!!

Any suggestions on other things I can try, or ways I could get in touch with someone who would want to make the trek to the Jetty?
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No shit...a friend just reposted something on my FB page, trying to locate the owner of a found camera...I think Mt Hood pictures? I know that's not Utah...but just in case.
posted by timsteil at 4:55 PM on August 19, 2012 is an option. Assuming you've got a previous photo from that same camera, you upload it to the site. Site scans the internet to see if any photos turn up with matching serial # and other data. If someone found your camera and decided to keep it - or posted your honeymoon photos somewhere in hopes of finding you - then this tool might help you track it down.
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Is that location a national park? If so, contact the local park ranger's office and see if anyone turned a camera in in the last month.

Not a park? Call the local police non-emergency number and do the same.
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You might be better off trying the Craig's List gambit (or searching the lost and found) using their Logan or Ogden sub-lists. Logan's closer and it's a college town, so there might be young folks up for the hunt and reward.
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Also, there's some people associated with various state agencies who are mentioned in this article that might know what would become of something found nearby.
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I live in the closest city to Spiral Jetty. It's still a two hour drive away. It's not a National Park, and there is nobody out there except maybe the Golden Spike site. They might be your best bet.

I'd offer to get it for you, but my kids start school tomorrow and I can't spend 4+ hours on the road.
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Reddit seems to have people who find cameras and then post pics to look for owners. Maybe inflammatory here but another source to search!
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Spiral Jetty is extremely remote. No one would go out there. But, as someone else mentioned, anyone who found a camera there would likely return it to the Golden Spike Museum, since they have to pass by there on their way out. I'd call there first:
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You might want to try instead of craigslist, as it is more popular.
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