What's a solid non-iTunes podcatcher with authenticated feeds support?
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What's a solid non-iTunes podcatcher with authenticated feeds support?

Specifically, I need it to work with Giant Bomb's subscriber video feeds. So far, I have tried MediaMonkey, gPodder, and foobar2000's podcatcher plugin which is no longer under development.

The reason why I do not want to use iTunes is because I do not own a MP3 player, and I use foobar2000 for my music listening needs. Are there any other viable options?
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Have you tried J River Media Center? I've never downloaded authenticated feeds myself but their wiki suggests it's an option. It does everything else well so maybe this too?
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I love downcast. If I understand your question correctly it does all that.
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hypersloth, I believe the OP is asking for a PC application, not iOS.
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I'll suggest Miro - It is better than okay, but I am still searching for this.
I used to like BOXEE for RSS Video -not available anymore. Now I struggle with PLEX which is both overcomplicated and oversimplified at the same time.
Not sure how they do that.

I am looking at you "netflix plugin".
Nurse, can I get some stability over here please.
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