What the hell is ABC doing?
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Where do you live? Are you seeing the X-games on ABC right now, or are you seeing infomercials? Thanks!
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Response by poster: Maybe I should have done "more inside." I'm in the Portland, Oregon area and I'm seeing infomercials. The local affiliate tells me this was ABC's decision, not theirs. I think they are lying because it seems other affiliates are seeing X-Games programming. If you are seeing it, let me know what affiliate you're watching, if you would be so kind. Thanks again.
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X Games are on in Harrisburg, PA on WHTM 27, and they are also on in Baltimore, MD on WMAR 2. Maybe it's a west coast thing.
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X-Games here on the Salt Lake City ABC affiliate.
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X-Games are go here on ABC-8 WMTW Portland, Maine.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody so far. I officially change my title to "What the hell is KATU doing?" Those crack-smoking assholes. WTF?
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X-Games here on the small market ABC affiliate here in Columbia, Missouri.
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Are the X Games being held in Portland? Maybe they're doing the same kind of local media market blackout that sometimes happens with NFL games and the like.

Also, I'm not close enough to a tv to make sure, but Zap2it claims that the Little Rock ABC affiliate is airing the X Games.
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X-Games just ended on the ABC Owned & Operated KABC Los Angeles (I almost hate to admit I had it on the background while I was writing...) and it's been happening here at locations in Southern California, so there should be no blackout in Portland.
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It was on here on ABC in Colorado Springs.
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