What is the housing situation like in Yellowknife for single guys?
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What is the housing situation like in Yellowknife?

I expect to me moving to Yellowknife, NT for the first time in the next month or two. I've been looking at yktrader.com for information on available housing rentals, but most every advertisement seems to be for an available room in a multi-room house, apartment, or trailer. There have also been some rental ads for (quite expensive) three bedroom houses or townhomes.

My ideal situation is to live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment (furnished or not), as I really feel like I'm past roommates. I wonder whether I'm looking at the wrong site, or whether there's really such a shortage of one bedroom (pet-friendly, if possible) apartments in Yellowknife.

Can anyone point me at other resources than yktrader, or perhaps shed some light on what I'm seeing? Thanks!
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Well, Craigslist is giving me this in terms of 1 bedroom places. Houses and town houses might not be showing up there.

Keep in mind, the smaller and less dense a city is, the more expensive renting in it seems to be, weirdly.
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Whoops! Meant to link to this
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That's certainly more useful. I'd been given the tip to use yktrader and not craigslist, so I'd just been ignoring it.
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Here are some options:

Midwest Property Management

Northern Property (on the general residential page you can search by city and apartment type).

Polar Developments

YKD Property Management

TC Group

I'm in Yellowknife and vacancy is pretty low here. YK Trader, as you've found, is more if you're looking to deal with a person or family, so you're more likely to find rooms in houses. I'm not sure what the best apartment buildings are right now, but it will probably depend on what you're looking for, location and how much you can spend.

I can probably help you narrow it down if you have any questions.
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Oh, and I imagine the reason you were sent to YK Trader is because most singles coming to Yellowknife are not going to be able to afford a one bedroom apartment and will at first go for "an available room in a multi-room house, apartment, or trailer."
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Just FYI, almost nobody in Canada uses craigslist (they were late to the game). Kijiji is preferred in Canada for just about all person-to-person sales. And no, I'm not being a shill, it's just the honest truth.

Not that it's super-surprisingly better, but there's three listings on Kijiji:


I wonder if it's the case that perhaps you're more likely to just have to go there and see what's available. I know just about everything is different up there. :)
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