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I recently had the hardwood floors redone. The floor guy did a great job, except dropped the ball in the floor registers, now what?

We had our entire house floors refinished. The floor guy said he was going to do the registers, per my request, with flush mounted oak registers.

As it turns out he completely dropped the ball and now we have six holes in our floors and no vent registers.

We are looking at registers such as these to use as drop in instead of flush mount.

Amazon Link

The rub is that we have two openings that I cannot find a register for anywhere online and the places I have called say that I will never find them that size as they are now considered dangerous! So now what?

The over sized holes are 10 x 16 inches and they previously had old crusty floor vents in them that I tossed.

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What size do you need? Have you tried somewhere that will do custom registers?
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Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley, CA, will likely have something. It will be old, pretty, and pricy. You can give them a call.

Then there's this.

This might be the same at the one above.
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Response by poster: the odd ones are 10x16
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What Molly said. Check out antique stores and salvage places. I've seen that size at two antique stores in my small town.
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Response by poster: the ones you sent are basically the same as were in the floor before, we are hoping to find something a bit better looking if possible. In a perfect world ones that go along with the other nickel finish modern ones that appear to be easy to find in all our other sizes
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I asked my Dad, who is a floor guy. He says that his supplier has them but they don't sell to the public. His suggestion is to bug your floor guy. He also said that 10x16 is sometimes a wall register size too, so you may want to try incorporating that into your search?
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One more thing, Dad says a salvage or antique restoration place will have them too if you're willing to clean them up yourself.
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Response by poster: My floor guy completely flaked and is OOP, thanks for the tips

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